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bttdecHow To Be BIGGER Than Your Triggers
A FREE* Live Webinar to Help You Live a Lighter Life 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 4-5 pm EST


Maybe it's a certain person or circumstance that gets it started. Maybe you become loud, highly emotional or mean. Maybe you exaggerate or say things you later regret. Or maybe you get anxious, and try to avoid conflict only to later regret what you didn't say. Whatever the reason or the reaction, being in a triggered state too often keeps you from living a wiser, lighter, more positive life.


Fortunately it doesn't have to be this way. Understanding your triggers and how they take charge of you is the first step to becoming BIGGER than your triggers.

Join us in this webinar if you want to learn:
  • What Being Triggered Looks Like
  • Why we get Triggered
  • 4 types of Triggers: Situational, Relational, Belief-Based, Trauma-Related
  • How to Dismantle your Triggers
  • How to Contain a Triggering Experience
  • How to Stop it for Next Time
  • Plus: Q&A with Annie
  • AND All attendees receive downloadable exercises to expand your learning.
Sound good? Then please consider joining us on December 9.
I hope you can make it! ~ Annie
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*IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a FREE, Live ONLY webinar with limited openings. Please register ONLY if you seriously plan on attending. Thanks.

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