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Do you have a relationship, family or group who needs a new direction?
Turns out just hoping things will be better isn't enough. There are skills involved.

To hire Annie for private consultation (in person or via phone/skype) contact or 734-735-5522.

Interested in a group presentation? Topics for organizations, groups, schools, classes and private consultations include:

Child-Raising Workshops Personal/Professional  Development
You'll Thank Me Later - Raising Grateful Children (with Book) What's Your Mantra? A good life from the inside out  (Includes A Pocketful of Mantras book)
Parenting Your Awesome, Intense Child Getting Out & Staying Out of Overwhelm
Customized presentations: Raising Daughters / Raising Sons How to Be Bigger Than Your Triggers
Helping Children with Anxiety and Anger Seeing The Glass Half Full -  The Art of Optimism
Rethinking Tug-Of-War (Families/Schools) Moving Mountains - How to be an Agent of Change
Don't Take The Bait - Bullying Prevention (Parents, Children, Schools) Rethinking Tug-Of-War (Organizations/Businesses)
Don't Take The Bait - Bullying Prevention & Team Building (Organizations)

Some things people say about working with Annie:

    • I found everything very informative, I'm very pessimistic - very negative/depressed/anxious - I'm going to be rereading the information several times and work in all aspects of being. ~ Seeing the Glass Half Full
    •  Very personable. I found it fascinating that Annie would have a great example whenever someone would make a comment or ask a question. Highly recommend her as an instructor. The class will help me very much in my professional & personal life. ~ Rethinking Tug-of-War
    • Annie was fun and engaging. Lots of food for thought. ~ Seeing the Glass Half Full
    • We were and are so thankful for the opportunity to participate in your class. Our family is healthier because of what we learned and the new approaches and tools we are trying. I’ve been yelling less and have more confidence as a parent.  ~ Parenting Your Awesome Intense Child
    • This class was a safe place to come for help and be honest about the challenges we face as parents. Annie is very knowledgeable and able to adapt concepts/solutions to fit our situation(s). Her empathy and genuine desire to help adds credibility and incentive to try new materials. ~ Parenting Your Awesome Intense Child
    • Annie is very encouraging. Her examples and many specific suggestions were very helpful. I feel like I have the tools now to parent more effectively and my frustration level has decreased a lot! ~ Better Consequences for Better Learning
    • As a grandparent it was so valuable to get a refresher. I especially appreciated the material on empathy which is something I feel is sorely lacking in our world. ~ Parenting Your Awesome Intense Child
    • Annie is very energetic and used real life situations to help me understand how relationships get stuck and can work better. ~ Resolving Resentment for a Happier Ever After
    • Besides all the great valuable information, I loved this class!! Especially appreciated sharing information and ideas with others with similar concerns. ~ Moving Mountains: How to be an Agent of Change
    • Annie is great. Her ability to give everyone personal attention without losing the group was awesome. ~ Moving Mountains: How to be an Agent of Change
    • Annie's workshop on bullying prevention for our staff was extremely valuable. And I was amazed at how she kept the staff engaged. Not easy to do after a long day of teaching! ~ Don't Take The Bait: Bullying Prevention for Schools
    • We are very appreciative of Annie's good help with developing our organization's training program. I look forward to future collaborations. ~ Contract work developing a national training program for families dealing with disability.
    • Best class my bosses sent me to in 25 years! - Why Did I (Didn't I) Say That: Effective Communication for Effective People



Are you ready to create better relationships both in your personal or professional life? Contact Annie at or 734-735-5522