Talking to Teen About Homework Video

This video shows two ways of talking to your teen about homework issues - the more typical frustrated parent way, and a more nuanced approach. The two intentions of the second approach are to encourage responsibility AND practice working with your teen as opposed to creating the usual power struggle.

I fully appreciate that the typical way may succeed in getting him to do his homework - especially if you punish or threaten to punish him. But at what cost? Motivating change with this approach, besides other things, may also effect his interest in cooperating, his interest in school, his willingness to find solutions, and perhaps most importantly his relationship with you.

Of course it is challenging to use an example because every situation, every parent, every child is different. But the idea is that with the ability to hear where he is starting from while giving firm messages about what needs to happen and keeping the responsibility in his court, it is possible to solve the homework issue AND maintain a good connection with your child. I hope this video gives you some food for thought and a tip or two that help. Good luck.

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Annie Zirkel, LPC is a Parenting Consultant, Workshop Presenter and Author based in Ann Arbor, Mi. She has three wonderful sons - whom she hopes will always love learning (though not necessarily homework). For help with your parenting concerns, contact her at