You’ll Thank Me Later

You'll Thank Me Later: A guide to raising grateful children (and why that matters) (2013) EBOOK

Lack of appreciation and, even worse, a sense of entitlement are huge challenges in the fairly abundant, fast-paced, instant gratification world our children live in every day.

The benefits of gratitude are powerful: more optimism, higher life satisfaction, and a real sense of connection to the world that holds you up. But gratefulness needs the right environment to grow.

This critically acclaimed book gives you, the parent, tools to help you foster gratitude in your children, so that they can grow to become truly appreciative adults themselves someday. Done well, they really will thank you for it later...

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5.0 out of 5 stars A very recommended read that should not be overlooked. Gratitude can be the most important lesson one ever teaches their children. "You'll Thank Me Later: A Guide to Raising Children (And Why It Matters)" is a parent's guide to gratitude. Young people can easily be lulled into a sense of entitlement, if their parents don't teach them the importance of gratitude and how true appreciation can take one far in life. "You'll Thank Me Later" is a very recommended read that should not be overlooked. ~ Midwest Book Review

What a gem! Thanks for writing such a relevant book. ~ NF, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 3

I am already done with the book - an easy read with tons of great lessons, ideas, and reminders for us adults too! I plan to have my husband read it before passing it on to my friend. Thank you so much for your insights. ~ JB, Step-mom of 2

Just read your book again while snowed in this week. I really enjoyed it again and appreciate your wonderful ideas. I'm going to give it to my 2 nieces with small children to read now. ~ EC, Mom and Involved Aunt

Congratulations on your book. I was able to get my hands on a copy - loved it and need more. I would like to give them as Christmas gifts to my sisters and a few close friends. ~ MF, Mother of adopted son

Your book has actually been one of a few things that I believe God has brought into my life in the past few months to prompt me to have a more grateful heart. I truly see gratitude as the recipe for joy...true joy! I especially liked the comment about being grateful for your parents' efforts and recognizing their love for you as a step towards healing. ~ AB, Mother of 4

Your book seemed to say everything I was thinking about gratitude for my teenagers! It's an important topic. Thanks for putting it is such a way that made so much sense. ~ TF, Mother of two teens

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