pocketful front cover lgLast fall, I heard about a small little book that promised to help the reader quickly shift their thoughts to be more positive and happy.

I bought it.

But when it arrived, it wasn't just the size that threw me, but that there were no quick tips on how to do those quick shifts. Disappointed that I didn't get the book I had expected, I thought, maybe I should write it then.

My intention was to create a very simple little instruction guide with a little wisdom and a few tips on how to catch and change one's thoughts and shift them so we could become less stressed, less angry, more relaxed, calmer and happier. ...continue reading

You'll Thank Me Later:

5.0 out of 5 stars A very recommended read that should not be overlooked. Gratitude can be the most important lesson one ever teaches their children. "You'll Thank Me Later: A Guide to Raising Children (And Why It Matters)" is a parent's guide to gratitude. Young people can easily be lulled into a sense of entitlement, if their parents don't teach them the importance of gratitude and how true appreciation can take one far in life. "You'll Thank Me Later" is a very recommended read that should not be overlooked. ~ Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) January 10, 2010 ...continue reading

For Immediate Release…
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New Book Offers Guidance to Parents on Nurturing Gratitude

In the fast-paced, instant-gratification world of today, children's lack of appreciation and, even worse, a sense of entitlement, have become common complaints. Kids' sometimes insatiable desire for 'more', while barely noticing what they already have, is a typical frustration for many parents.

Parenting Consultant Annie Zirkel’s new book, You’ll Thank Me Later: A Guide to Nurturing Gratitude In Our Children (And Why That Matters) gives parents the tools to combat entitlement and ingratitude while instilling the crucial practice of appreciation.

Gratitude is not just saying, 'Thank you.' It is about feeling thankful. And beyond basic manners, the benefits of true gratitude are powerful: more optimism, higher life satisfaction, and a greater sense of connection to others. In fact, research shows that children who practice grateful thinking have more positive attitudes towards school and their families (Froh, Sefick, & Emmons, 2008). ...continue reading