GMA: Wife & Mom-In-Law Tension: Husband not helping

ABCGMA_logo#1: The following is the first of 3 questions for the ABC Good Morning America Advice Guru Challenge. I applied for the position. What do you think of my 150-word-or-less answer?

Whenever there is an issue between my mother-in-law and me, my husband refuses to stand up for me. How do I get him to value our relationship more than the one with his mother?

Annie Answers: Do you and your husband agree that marriage is about having each other's backs? If not - I think I've found the real challenge. But if so then you need to ask him to have yours. In order to grow in your relationship as opposed to grow apart - he will need to set the record straight with his mom that you matter.

But here's the twist - because partnership is about having each other's backs - you need to have your husband's too. Right now your husband likely just wants to avoid a no-win situation. So doing what you can to make peace with your mom-in-law is how you support your husband. (Hopefully the fact that she raised the man you fell in love with can be a good start).

Generosity on both sides is what makes lasting marriages.

Good luck. Thanks for reading. ~ Annie